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Over 40 years of cultural research

Culture is the driving force of the Lungarotti Group since the early 60's, when Giorgio Lungarotti's determination to improve the quality and prestige of his increasingly successful wine production met the passion for culture of Maria Grazia Lungarotti, a art historian and archivist. Together they gave life to a project that was both ambitious and far-reaching, and that was met very favorably since its inception thanks to the overall quality of the platform.

With the help of experts in various disciplines Maria Grazia Lungarotti promoted and directly undertook research in historical, archeological and archival fields. She actively took part in the european debate on museology, opening with others the italian branch of the ICOM (International Council of Museums). In 1974 the Wine Museum was born, and thanks to Maria Grazia's patient and thorough research efforts it opened with collections that were already complete and augmented with detailed bilingual educational literature that took years of research and study to compile.

The cultural project evolved over time and took on new forms. The Wine Museum - enlarged throughout the years - saw the birth of a series of expositions and conventions centered on themes pertaining to the various collections on display in the museum itself. The Lungarotti Foundation, born in 1987, was created to manage the Lungarotti museums and the many historical artifacts that make up their richly detailed collections, and also promotes wine and the olive with publications, exhibitions and research that explore their roots and influence in various facets of popular culture. In recent years the Foundation - and with it the Lungaortti Group - renewed and confirmed its commitment to the ambitious cultural project envisioned by Giorgio and Maria Grazia: in 2000 it opened a second museum dedicated to the olive and its culture, thus making Torgiano a specialized center of very high quality agricultural museology.

Lungarotti Foundation

Logo FondazioneOpened in 1987, the charter of the Foundation is to showcase the italian agrarian economy with cultural activities such as exhibitions, conventions and publications, to manage and preserve the two Lungarotti museums and the numerous historical artifacts they have on display and to promote the traditional crafts that have a long-standing and consolidated history in Umbria.

Wine Museum (MUVIT)

Logo Vino A world class private collection of historical artifacts that document wine civilization. The archeological, historical and technical collections that make up the 20 environments of the museum guide visitors through 5000 years of wine history. learn moreNav Link Go

Olive and Oil Museum (MOO)

Logo Vino The museum, opened in 2000, exhibits artifacts pertaining to the origins and mythology of the olive, its use as a source of light and in religion, medicine, nutrition, sport, cosmetics, and heating. It also explores influences on the collective cultural imagination where propitious, symbolic and healing qualities have been attributed to the olive tree and to the olives themselves. learn moreNav Link Go

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